Affordable everyday luxury 

A little bit of Zeep goes a long way and you can use it everyday. Zeep is not a compromise for using natural product, it outperforms the nasties. 

Your 4 Shine Pack is a great way to build or top up your Zeep collection.

The pack contains;

  • 1 x Brilliant Shampoo, 1000ml
  • 1 x Lustre Conditioner, 1000ml
  • 1 x  Sunglow Detangle and Shine, 1000ml
  • 1 x  Stardust Super Shine Serum, 1000ml
  • 2 x spray heads and 2 x pumps 
  • Free Shipping 

Layering your Zeep products promotes healthy skin and PH rebalancing and has the added benefit of a UV barrier and a natural fly deterrent. 

You can use all Zeep products on your horses coat without worrying about trapping heat and toxins under a layer of nasty chemicals. The products add moisture not oil to your horses mane tail and coat. Oil other than naturally occurring sebum creates imbalances in your horses skin and residue blocks the horses pores and natural cooling ability. Blocked pores creates a seal so toxins can't escape, this leads to bacteria and worse. 

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Patch test before use and if irritation occurs discontinue. Store between: 5 - 28°



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