It provides a protective barrier against the environment, regulates temperature, and gives your horse its sense of touch. It’s really important. Too important to cover it in nasty chemicals or products designed for your pH level, or that of your wool jumper. Did you know that sweat and dirt create a pH imbalance? So does using chemicals and products that are not pH neutral and specifically designed for your horse. 

Skin acts as a barrier for your horse's im­mune system and is often the first organ to encounter en­vironmental threats at the cellular level. Transdermal penetration of harmful chemicals and preparations have an effect on your horse's health and performance. Rebalancing on every wash helps avoid the nasties like fungus, bacteria and worse.  

Zeep re-imagines equine care and creates thoughtful preparations that excite the senses and enhance your horse's daily routine. The purest ingredients, formulated and designed to cleanse, enhance, soothe and shine, invigorate and recharge. Scientifically formulated, pH balanced, equine specific. 

Made right here in Australia, a little bit of Zeep goes a long way and can be used everyday.