Equine Brilliant Shampoo - 1000ml


A horse shampoo for the coat, mane and tail formulated to promote a clean and brilliant shine. 

Your horse deserves Zeep shampoo everyday. Just a little goes a long way for healthy skin.  Only the purest and highest quality ingredients go into our scientifically patented Zeep formulations. Natural Lemon Myrtle essential oil makes up our Zeep signature scent. The added bonus is Lemon Myrtle acts as insect and fly deterrent and is most effective when layering products. 

Zeep  creates thoughtful preparations that excite the senses and enhance your daily routine. Paraben free, Sulfate free, Silicon free, Petrolatum free, mineral oil free, cruelty free. A shine that won't cost your horse its health. Nasties on the outside end up on the inside.  

Horse Shampoo that smells like a day at the DaySpa
Locally sourced pure essential oils create a subtle sensory delight for both you and your horse. A neutral PH balanced specific equine shampoo that feels great in your hand and cuts the nasty chemical use on your horses largest organ, it’s SKIN.

Healthy skin makes for a healthy horse
Your horse's skin acts as a barrier for your horse's im­mune system and is often the first organ to encounter en­vironmental threats at the cellular level. 
Transdermal penetration of harmful chemicals and using preparations that create PH imbalances have an effect on your horse's health. 

Rebalance your horses skin
Did you know that sweat and dirt creates a PH imbalance on your horses skin?
So does using chemicals and products not specifically PH balanced and designed for your horse's skin. Zeep works to rebalance your horse's skin to an equine neutral PH while feeding it and promoting a brilliant healthy coat shine. 
Rebalancing your horse's skin on every wash helps avoid the nasties like fungus and bacteria. 

Made right here in Australia, a little bit of Zeep goes a long way and can be used everyday. 
The perfect shampoo by itself or as a base for Zeep’s additive range of bioactive botanicals, salts and minerals, aromatic formulations and Bucket Bombs™.

Pump provided.

SIZE: 1000mL

DIRECTIONS: Wet your horse. Apply a small amount to a bucket with water. Use your sponge and hand to lather up. Rinse thoroughly.

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Patch test before use and if irritation occurs discontinue. Store between: 5 - 28°ZEEP_Product_Support_Logos

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